Fisheries Environmental Oceanography Section: Department of Living Marine Resources, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo

  • Ocean Environments closely relating to climate variability and change
  • Living marine resources dynamically changing
  • Elucidate the dynamics of ocean variability on environments and living resources using high technical observation and modelling

About FEO Section

Facing to the global change, it is urgent task for human beings to elucidate the mechanism of ocean variability impacts on marine ecosystems and evaluate the effect of future climate change on living marine resources. Our group studies the dynamics of physical oceanographic processes and their impacts on marine ecosystem and fisheries resources via physical-biological interactions by promoting both field observations and numerical simulations. We are conducting high technical observations using underwater gliders and GPS wave buoys and investigating sardine larval environments using stable isotope. Relationship between ocean environments and occurrence of paralytic shellfish poisoning is studied with real-time buoy monitoring of Otsuchi Bay. To elucidate the key factors to control fluctuations of living marine resources and evaluate climate change effects on them, data assimilated marine ecosystem models and fish growth - migration models have been developed.


We had a welcome party online.
Our laboratory started weekly seminars online.
In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19, we all shifted to telework.
New member
Takehito Nakamura joined us as a new member.(2020.4.1)
Invited talks
Prof. Shin-ichi Ito participated the 3th Lead Author Meeting of the working group II of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.(2020.1.26-31)
Invited talks
Prof. Shin-ichi Ito gave a talk at the 36th Joint Symposium of Liaison Council of Academic Societies on Coastal Envieronment.(2020.1.11)
New member
Zeshu YU joined us as a research student.(2019.12.13)
Keynote speech
Prof. Shin-ichi Ito gave a keynote speech on "Movement for further understanding of marine micro-plastic issues" at Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology.(2019.11.28)第31回研究成果発表会フ゜ロク゛ラム%EF%BC%881112%EF%BC%89.pdf
Investigation of temperature and swim speed dependence on oxygen consumption of Japanese anchovy.(Setonaikaiku Suisan Research Institute)(2019.11.18-12.9)
Invited talks
Prof. Shin-ichi Ito gave a talk on "Offshore ecological hotspot formation in the western North Pacific" at Ocean University of China.(2019.11.12)
Invited talks
Our PhD student Chen-ying gave a talk on "Effects of environmental variabilities on the early life stage of Pacific chub mackerel (Scomberjaponicus) in the Northwest Pacific-development and applicationofa growth-migration model-" at Ocean University of China.(2019.11.12)